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We sincerely welcome everyone who visits.
JS Tech dreams of growing as an advanced, first-class company.

As a company specializing in electric parts including controllers that perform major electronic functions of automobile air conditioning products, we have achieved continuous sales growth by diversifying domestic and foreign customers in line with the trend of electronification of automobile parts.

We hope for your continued interest and support for the future of JS Tech.
Thank you

Heung-soo Han, CEO of JS Tech co.,ltd.

JSTech Co.,Ltd.CEO. Heungsoo HanTel. +82-41-522-8700Fax. +82-41-522-8700 Address. 29, Songjeongan 2gil, Poongsae-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-city, Chungnam-doPersonal info manager.

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