Welfare Benefit

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Welfare Benefit

We provide support for our employees to have a
balance between work and personal life.

  • 01

    Support fundSupport for various congratulatory events and payment of business activities expenses

  • 02

    Salary systemseverance pay, national pension, health insurance, employment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance

  • 03

    Presenta holiday present

  • 04

    Education/LIFEOJT, Job competency improvement education, Cafeteria, Meal provision

  • 05

    Working environmentuniform payment

  • 06

    Organizational culturefree dress

  • 07

    CommuteDormitory management a commuter bus

  • 08

    RefreshTake a day off, Take a half-day off, Summer Vacation, compassionate leave, May Day Workers' Day, Paternity leave

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